Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use your service?

Yes but you must be at least 19 years of age and have valid Picture I.D at the door.

What payment types do you accept at the door?


What are your delivery rates?

  • Cash orders start at $8.00 (tax included), for most of the city.
  • Orleans starts at $8.00, Kanata and Barrhaven is $10.
  • If you pay by Interac or Credit Card, your delivery rate starts at $10

    How do I know what items I can order?

    We recommend going to the LCBO and Beerstore websites to select your items. Please place your order once you have made your selection.
  • Do you take empty beer bottles or cans, and do you give a refund for them?

    Our policy is to accept up to 3 individual cases of empty beer bottles or cans at the door. We pay you the same rate of 10 cents per bottle as The Beer Store and subtract it from the amount you owe for the delivery order.

    Do you take empty wine or liquor bottles, and do you give a refund for them?

    Our policy is to leave the decision up to the driver making the delivery.

    Do you deliver items other than beer or liquor?

    Yes we can deliver items from any Convenience Store.
    Ex: cigarettes, pop, bread, milk, etc

    How long does a delivery take?

    Delivery times can fluctuate a lot; during 'off peak' times you can often receive your order within 45 min; During 'peak times' like holidays, weekends, rush hour traffic, and days with bad weather you can see an increase in delivery time to over one hour.

    If I won't be home until a certain time can I call ahead to schedule an order to be made?

    No, the system we use processes your order immediately after we receive it and there is no way to schedule an order. Therefore you must be home when you place your order.

    Do your drivers accept tips?

    Yes, our drivers appreciate your token of gratitude.

    Can I make a change to my order after I have placed it?

    We can make a change to your order if the driver hasn't purchased it; this is usually within 10 min. from the time you called.

    How does your service provide a greener future for the environment?

    By having one vehicle carry multiple orders from the store to customers we are eliminating all those individual customers from having to start their cars and making a return trip to a store. This is reducing green house gas emissions, traffic, and gas consumption.

    If you did not find the answers you were looking for, please call us at 613-820-2424 and speak with one of our operators.